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AI Technologies At Gaming Mario

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gradually entering every sphere of our society for more than a decade. This technology has the ability to empower people and automate processes by using machine learning and other cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

Gaming Mario is using AI to improve our players’ experience, we use machine learning and predictive analytics to personalise each player’s experience throughout the game in real-time. As we know. One of the most critical challenges for iGaming companies it to attract and retain users. Therefore, Gaming Mario is committed to build our unique AI platform in giving the unique retention and player acquisition solutions to maintain the entire gaming ecosystem. It provides immersive experiences apart from unique perspectives to engage gamers.

According to latest report, the global gaming industry is expected to register a CAGR ( Compound annual growth rate) of 12% during 2020-2025. This report observed Virtual Reality (VR) and AI have become an integral part of the gaming industry, with players expected to spend $4.5 billion on immersive gaming in 2020 alone.

Can our AI affect the slots outcome?
The answer is NO. Our AI (Artificial intelligence) is mainly used to improve overall gaming experience and it does not affect the RTP or any other factor that could affect the gameplay or potential outcome. In short, AI has a positive effect on the game experience, but at Mario, it is not allow to affect the actual outcome of games that based on “luck”.

In iGaming industry, RTP is one of the most important factors that every players will take into their account when choosing an online slot. This abbreviation stands for Return to Player, which is a figure representing the money that is being returned to players via winning & rewards. Therefore, at Mario’s policy, AI cannot interfere into how RTP is calculated. All our slots have its strong security measures that making sure zero tolerance to create any harmful to our RTP policies.

For future, AI will be able to gain a deeper insight into casino games and improve them, making the world of online casino games much more inviting and entertaining. The bottom line is, as long as their relationship does not affect the fairness of games.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already entered every part of people’s life nowadays. AI empowers people and automate processes by using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is used by most of online casinos worldwide to enhance customer experience. However, people still feel feared when it comes to AI that it will affect games to change the outcome in favor of casinos. In order to ensure people that AI has no effect on game outcome, casinos have made a strong claim that players may use AI in future to sway the probability in they favor.

To clarify this situation, it should be noted that neither casinos nor players can change the outcome of the game in favor of any party. This is because online casino slot games do not even use artificial intelligence that may affect the gameplay.

But What Is AI Exactly?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence demonstrated by computers. Nonetheless, scientists are still searching for the best result to simulate people consciousness that would stay in line with humans.

But actually, AI is more powerful than humans due to its ability to process data much faster and in much bigger amounts. Many companies now use AI to improve user experience. The example of how AI is used in Apple products is Siri, which understands what you say, analyze your speech, and delivers an adequate response, like opening an app, searching for results in Google, texting a message, and many more.

What Games Are Affected by AI and How?

AI is a part of gaming industry for a long period of time. AI is used in most of the video games now, such as sports games, shooters, and adventures. Imagine you are playing a single-player shooter, you try to eliminate the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in order to accomplish a mission to proceed further. Basically, how the NPC moves and what it does is affected by artificial intelligence. AI is analyzing player’s actions and acts like if the real player was playing – in this context, move and try to eliminate the player accordingly. Same goes with football games when you play against NPC, it analyzes player’s actions and tries to score a goal.

Nevertheless, casino games do not use AI like those in video games. AI in casino games is mainly developed to improve user experience on the platform. It should be said that AI actually has a positive effect on game experience, but it can’t affect the outcome of games based on luck.

Are Online Casino Slot Games affected by AI?

The answer is no. There is one factor that affects the game outcome: Return to Player (RPT) feature. RPT represents the money to be returned to players as rewards. Particularly, if you see RPT is 99 percent, this means that out of $100 deposited into player’s account $99 will be returned to lucky players, while casino takes only $1 out of the amount.

Luckily, AI does not have access to RTP since it has strong security measures to prevent any intervention into the gaming process, either internal or external.

So, you don’t need to worry that AI can cheat you while playing online casino slots. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you in starting your journey!

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